Nose reshaping surgery is one of the oldest forms of cosmetic surgery and the surgical techniques have therefore been honed to perfection by our surgeons. The procedure differs depending on exactly what you are having done, but each method of rhinoplasty will leave either no scarring at all, or barely visible scars hidden well within the natural nostril creases. To alter the size or shape of the nose itself, your surgeon will make incisions inside the nose and alter the bone structure this way – your skin will shrink back to fit your new nose instantly and naturally. 

If the surgery is to alter the size or shape of the tip of your nose, the surgeon will operate on the cartilage and remove or shape part of this to achieve the desired shape. Surgery to straighten the nose is called a septo-rhinoplasty and surgery to rebuild part of the nose is called augmentation rhinoplasty. Most nose reshaping surgery procedures take approximately two hours and are carried out under general anaesthetic – your surgeon will talk through the options and advise you on the most appropriate type of surgery.