It is very important that you are sure of the changes you are trying to make and that you explain these as fully as possible to your Cosmetic Surgeon - you will need to have realistic expectations, particularly with nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), and your Cosmetic Surgeon will tell you what is possible.

The Day of Your Nasal Surgery

The Cosmetic Surgeon will visit you in your room and possibly draw marks on your nose in preparation for your surgery. Your Cosmetic Surgeon will also obtain your final consent and answer any last minute questions you may have.

When you wake up from your anaesthetic you will have a splint over the bridge of your nose, possibly packs inside the nostrils and possibly ice packs over your eyes, to minimise bruising and swelling. If packs are inserted inside your nose, this will mean that you will have to mouth-breathe until they are removed the following morning. It is an uncomfortable time and we encourage you to drink plenty of fluids to help avoid a sore throat. Painkillers will be offered to you, however, the congested nasal feeling is more the reason for the discomfort. The packs will be removed prior to you going home and this will help to make your breathing a little easier.